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Boiling Point Review

“If there was any justice in this world, I would have been a dead man two times over,” Anthony Bourdain once wrote. The life of a chef seems stressful, demanding and maddening. Boiling Point shows that. Bourdain has been described as the culinary Hunter S Thompson. He dabbled in drink and drugs as much as that. Gordon Ramsay is popularised for his temper, Wolfgang Puck for quite the opposite. Should Boiling Point ever find a larger audience, it will be on those that depend on the Bourdain’s and Ramsay’s of their generation. Those temperaments and tactical breakdowns that bring the life of a chef straight to the burning heat of a kitchen. It is hard not to find the art and beauty of a kitchen now, but Boiling Point pairs Stephen Graham with all the foibles of the great chefs of a past generation.

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