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Ocean’s Eleven Review

My personal dislike for the latter-day efforts of director Steven Soderbergh comes from a part of me that can’t shake the feeling that his stories are often empty. A burst of interest in Contagion (for obvious reasons), led me to the conclusion that he can certainly make some interesting premises but following through on those ideas to create interesting conclusions or depth is something I don’t believe his direction can bring. Ocean’s Eleven is perhaps his most famous piece of work, and if not it’s by far his most famous trilogy (solely because this is his only trilogy). Although littered with the tropes that I dislike from his direction, I find Ocean’s Eleven to be a completely amicable heist movie.

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The Long Goodbye (1973) Review

For years and years, my only interaction with the work of Elliot Gould had been his long running guest appearances in Friends. It seems rather coincidental that my first Gould film was also my first film directed by the great Robert Altman. A pairing that would presumably eclipse any notion that film could get better than this, I headed into The Long Goodbye with exceedingly high hopes for the pairing and a love for mystery noir films, coupled with a need to expand my knowledge of said genres.

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