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Friends: The Reunion Review

If someone told you Friends: The Reunion was going to be this way, would you have watched it? With James Corden slithering his way into a get-together of 1990s television stars, the smooth-sailing plan of bringing these former cultural forces together was already falling apart. There were, inevitably, going to be bumps in the road. Times have changed, audiences too, and the longevity of Friends has turned a tad sour. Friends had a remarkable grip on the landscape of television comedy, the likes of which had been seen a few times before. Perhaps that should be its legacy. Not this, whatever this is. Television documentary? Comedy? Roundtable discussion? Who knows? The cast certainly don’t, they’re just happy to be there. As are the fans.  

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Run, Fatboy, Run Review

As time will hopefully tell, being funny in front of the camera does not translate to humorous antics behind it. Such is the lesson to be learnt from David Schwimmer’s directorial efforts throughout, Run, Fatboy, Run. A glimmer of hope is present in the form of pre-Star Trek Simon Pegg, but that is to put all our eggs in one basket if we are to trust his efforts here. Suffering some sort of sudden panic, the cold feet of marriage, a baby and a house with a loved one is too much for Dennis (Pegg) to consider. Thus, his only option is to run from his problems, regret his mistakes, and win them back by, what else? Running after them.  

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