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Nobody Review

We are witnessing pointless history in action. With the relative influence the John Wick series has had on the action genre so far, it was an inevitability that films in a similar vein would appear to have a punt at the “mysterious lead takes on more than they can chew” showcase. Atomic Blonde tried it, bathing in the Cold War antics and brilliant soundtrack such tense times provided, and now, it is the turn of Bob Odenkirk with Nobody. From Hardcore Henry director Ilya Naishuller is an action piece that ditches the stomach-churning, first-person antics and instead presents a neutered, clear-cut assignment that sees a suburban dad retaliate against the burglars that infiltrate his home and subsequently his way of life.  

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Zack Snyder’s Justice League Review

Five years, four hours and $370 million later, this is what Zack Snyder has to show for himself. Justice League, or, to give it the full title should I be hung, drawn and quartered by the bedwetting fans of the DC Extended Universe, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, is the titan-like efforts of a collection of febrile, short-tempered aficionado’s demanding a second shot for their apparition of Christ. It is a testament to the strength of a mass, who can push their king toward another shot at glory. He boldly sits upon the directing throne, waving his hand to the side, and here, offers up his elongated piece. A final chapter to close off a very short book that nobody particularly enjoyed all that much. Here, in all its glory, is the redux edition. A creative has been given the budget of a respectably moderate Hollywood flick to reshoot a film that, compared to the other superhero filler released before and after it, can be considered a flop.

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Justice League Review

Collating the riff-raff that DC had thrown out to audiences under one umbrella term is no small feat, but to hurry them in a film together to counteract the decade-long head start Marvel received is the signs of a panicked cast and crew. Justice League, like many of these extended universe pieces, is a good idea on paper, and with the right pacing and length of time between them, could certainly have been something more. The blueprint is there but is expectedly foiled by the collaboration of idiots and fools who thought they had hit the peak of their creative powers, when, evidently, they were far from scratching the surface.  

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Wonder Woman Review

Inconceivable it may be, Wonder Woman is the best of a bad bunch. Still rotten to its core, the DC filmmaking inexperience surely insurmountable. Their staggering inability to provide something unique and at the same time keep up with the efforts of all the other cinematic universes now making the rounds is a collaboration of poor ideas and shoddy producers looking for what the teenagers of tomorrow will enjoy. Considering this, it is no surprise that the DC Extended Universe cavalcade finds its greys and browns and tonal nonexistence to be a sham and a farce. Wonder Woman presents that well, in an era of colours and shtick, candy-stuffed, headache-inducing guff, DC follows the thought process of grim and gritty storytelling as often as it can.  

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Gladiator (2000) Review

I think with just about every medium of entertainment there’ll always be gaps in your knowledge. Whether it’s a certain album you’ve yet to listen to, a classic book you’ve yet to sift through or, in my case, a film you’ve yet to view. When it comes to what I write about (film, for those unaware), there’ll always be gaps in my knowledge. The best I can do to counteract this is to plug away at just about any film I can find, especially those that are held in extremely high regard. Gladiator is one of the films I’ve been meaning to get around to but for one fluke reason or another I’ve evaded completely.

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