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Sundown Review

Between Sundown and Bergman Island, it is refreshing, hopeful even, to see Tim Roth on a resurgence. He has taken time away from the big screen of quality to craft three seasons of Tin Star and reunite with Pulp Fiction alumni Uma Thurman in The Con is On. The con was certainly on for that plane crash of drivel, but it was those few years in the cold, dark times of borderline depravity that Roth appears to have clicked into the next phase of his career. A gear shift has been spotted, and it starts, delightfully and cautiously with the drama-fuelled Sundown. Apathy in the face of fear guides Sundown with horrendously good and unflinching detail.

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I’m Not There Review

Adapting the life and talent of Bob Dylan to the biopic genre was an inevitability. It is hard to see how anyone could stop it from happening. For all the failed markups of The Beatles, The Beach Boys and the big names around the 1960s, pulling off a dissection of The Voice of a Generation is no small feat. I’m Not There plays with the format of traditional detailing. Dylan defines a meaning or passage of time for so many people, spread across generations. To adapt that correctly, no one man can portray Dylan, and that is what director Todd Haynes gets right with I’m Not There. As Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again plays through the opening credits and the passages of time cross the screen, I’m Not There springs to life.

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