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Looney Tunes: Back in Action Review

Jealousy between actors is a given, but envy between animated figures of fiction is a sure-fire difficult topic to grapple with, especially when they are brought out of their own worlds. We are within the realms of madness in this Joe Dante feature, and as Looney Tunes: Back in Action fashions out a metaverse for the Looney Tunes crew, it loses a sense of its magic. Pratfalls and slapstick work, when offered in small doses, but to sprinkle them through an hour and a half of Timothy Dalton appearances, is to test the mettle and mind of any audience member. A bold move indeed, but who can blame them? The formula is usually a success. Why not have a punt and see what happens? 

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No Sudden Move Review

Mob flicks may have dominated a portion of culture for some time, but their influence has ebbed away. Not entirely, and considering how many are still made, we should take note of their style and their impact. But the glory days are over. These are not the days of Scarface and GoodfellasNo Sudden Move, the latest feature from Steven Soderbergh, does not wish to be like those former examples, nor does it wish to cultivate a new direction for the genre. By setting itself and its impressive ensemble long before the days of mainstream crime, Soderbergh enjoys the ability to come clean with engaging realisations of trope-worthy characters. 

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