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Horrid Henry: The Movie Review

There’ll always be a memory or two associated with Horrid Henry: The Movie. Pancakes on a Thursday afternoon after finishing school, sat in front of the TV waiting for 16:30 when Horrid Henry would come on CITV. Another, more recent memory, is polishing off a quarter bottle of Bullet Bourbon and sticking Horrid Henry: The Movie, the awful adaptation of the Francesca Simon books, on the telly and trying to rekindle some love for being young. No such luck. This star-stuffed package of British stars is more a reminder of why audiences must never rely on nostalgia in the hopes it may spark something in their hearts. It will not, and you will look a fool for thinking it was ever possible.

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The Player Review

We live in the land of rejection, but much of The Player is focused on how we adapt to sore losers than an implicit desire to improve upon refusal. Its tale of a studio executive hounded by death threats from an anonymous writer is in pole position to criticise and chastise the Hollywood scenery. With Robert Altman helming a finely-tuned ensemble, it is hard to see where or why he could put a foot wrong when presenting Griffin Mill (Tim Robbins) to audiences. As its tracking shot makes the hectic life of a studio producer known, The Player introduces us to the lust, allures and obscenities of star-power, stardom and desire.  

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