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Spider-Man: No Way Home Review

With a grand ensemble like this, it is clear to see that director Jon Watts is acting on the orders of Marvel. Cram the well-refined characters of the Sam Raimi universe and the not-so intensified versions of the Andrew Garfield features into the Marvel meat grinder. Chow down on a big bowl of nostalgia, where once defined characters come together for a big, boring blowout. The Multiverse was hyped up long before Spider-Man: No Way Home was ever announced, yet it is still, in the words of Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) something we know “frighteningly little” about.  

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The Eyes of Tammy Faye Review

Evangelical sorrows are surprisingly popular in America. Those that wish to be saved through the grainy, stilted footage of a television screen will have to turn to the likes of Tammy Faye or Jim Bakker for salvation. But The Eyes of Tammy Faye proves the rather obvious. Scam artists and evangelical inspiration, for Faye and Bakker, went hand in hand. The Michael Showalter-directed feature looks to bridge that gap as quickly and vividly as it can. A two-hour feature starring Jessica Chastain and Andrew Garfield certainly should have the time to do so, with competent hands at the wheel it is no surprise that The Eyes of Tammy Faye elicits all the right notes of an odd little biopic.

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Silence Review

When Martin Scorsese finally announced he would be directing Silence, I was hesitant to dive into it right away. Such a large leap, going from The Wolf of Wall Street, a biopic of stockbrokers, shady dealings and drug abuse to Silence, a distressed musing on historic religious disputes. Rich in its history and dedicated to telling its story in as much detail as possible, Silence is a marvellous film that highlights some of Scorsese’s finest work.  

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