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Hudson Hawk Review

At a time when the stars of Bruce Willis and Richard E. Grant were rising and rising, an unstoppable collaboration between the two should have been, well, unstoppable. Hudson Hawk brings those grand and polished star powers together in a feature that was post-Die Hard 2 and saw Grant preparing to work with the great Robert Altman. It seemed like a concept too hot to handle. What a lucky experience it would be to work on Hudson Hawk, and what a nightmare it turned into. Michael Lehmann overextends his reach as an artist and director, as does everyone involved in this ensemble car crash, struggling from the tonal whiplash of genre-bending ideas and stars not given a script worth their time.

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Sex, Lies, and Videotape Review

Unhappy marriages await us all, apparently. No point resisting it, it’ll happen to you, me and everyone you know. If it happens to those in the escapism that cinema provides, surely, it’ll be an inevitability for the real world too. Sex, Lies, and Videotape opens with an unhappy marriage of sorts. There is security and faithfulness for a time, but that isn’t enough to stop the mind from wandering. Those horrid questions of “what could have been?” are asked without consequence. Steven Soderbergh marks his first feature film with authority and competency but reflects the unfocused style he would utilise for years to come.

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