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The Last Dinner Party – On Your Side Review

The baroque-rock five-piece The Last Dinner Party release their latest single – On Your Side – alongside an announcement of their highly anticipated debut record, Prelude To Ecstasy.

On Your Side is a softer and less dynamic release compared to My Lady of Mercy and Nothing Matters – but The Last Dinner Party hit the mark once again. Lead singer Abigail Morris’ vocals transcend and whisk you into another dimension as usual, but this time in a peaceful slumber manner.

On Your Side could be described as a love song: “If it takes all night / I will be on your side,” she sings as the rest of the band accompanies her angelic tones. The Last Dinner Party are pro at lyrical imagery, and this song cements this comment further. With lyrics such as: “You can hold my hair back when you kiss me,” you can envision the pure love the band are singing about – the passion – the lust.

The song’s outro is blissful and fades into a peaceful hum from the keyboard played by Aurora. It is a song which showcases the pure talent of the group – they can be loud and theatrical but also soft and meaningful. On Your Side live is a tear-jerker – the studio version proves the same idea.

With the announcement of their debut record coming February 2nd, The Last Dinner Party will break countless records and milestones coming into next year. The album consists of twelve tracks – each performed live on their most recent tour. The record – Prelude to Ecstasy – is highlighted as: “A pendulum which swings between the extremes of human emotion, from the ecstasy of passion to the sublimity of pain, and it is this concept which binds our album together. This is an archaeology of ourselves; you can exhume our collective and individual experiences and influences from within its fabric. We exorcised guitars for their solos, laid bare confessions directly from diary pages, and summoned an orchestra to bring our vision to life. It is our greatest honour and pride to present this offering to the world, it is everything we are.”

With the release of the sonically blissful and On Your Side – The Last Dinner Party are respectfully and rightfully taking the music industry by storm one sombre catholic school-inspired rock song at a time.


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