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Picture Parlour – Judgement Day Review

The Norwegian Wood quartet have built up the hype surrounding their latest single release – Judgement Day. After what has felt like a dry three months with no sign of any new music for the Manchester-based band – their latest single stirs up a storm and positions Picture Parlour in their well-deserved spotlight.

After already being compared to Mr Alex Turner himself – Picture Parlour mirrors the vibes of the classic Arctic Monkeys record – Tranquility Based Hotel and Casino. The silky smooth guitars and psychedelic pop influences resonate throughout the track – guided swimmingly by the sultry vocals of Katherine Parlour. 

Described by the band as a “love letter,” the track occupies itself within the realm of a love song. As Parlour wails: “You look so divine,” the passion and sultry nature of the song becomes relevant – a more raw and naked track compared to the lyrics within their first single – Norwegian Wood. There is a more vulnerable sense to Judgement Day as Picture Parlour becomes more and more experimental and daring in their production – more comfortable. 

“And on judgement day / I want you all over me,” hits hard as the tagline of the track – the passion and fire Katherine so longingly wishes to have precedes even further as the chorus hits – a real crowd swayer. It is slick and silky – smooth and effortless – they have created a lust-filled song that is an easy listen and a memorable single. Katherine’s raspy tones are velvet to the ears – she is hypnotising and enticing. 

The electric guitar stylings of Ella Rishi cannot be ignored as her technique sets the record apart: her guitar weeps and cries throughout the duration of the song – mirroring this theme of lust further. For a second track from the up-and-coming band of psychedelic smooth rockers – it is certainly a statement to be so raw and passionate this far into this musical career.

Sian Lynch and Michael Nash carry the song in a seamless waltz-inspired beat as their instruments – bass and drum – intertwine effortlessly with the expressions of Parlour and Rishi. As mentioned – the comparisons to Sheffield icon Alex Turner are present throughout – yet with their musical flare shining through each time the band drop a single – it is becoming easier to place Picture Parlour in their musical threshold.

Judgement Day is an ideal second single for the band – combined with the hype from the irresistible Norwegian Wood (not the Beatles song, to some people’s dismay) – Picture Parlour is edging closer each day to being taken seriously as the next generation of rock stars in the music industry. They come out blazing with this new track to show people their talent – which they have utterly achieved. A seamless second single for the band – actively released to make people turn their heads and demand more and more content from the four psychedelic glam rock artists. 


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