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two blinks, i love you – ep 1 Review

“You can stop listening to the ep if you want.” – two blinks, i love you. 

Love for the lowercase is right there on two blinks, i love you. Their aptly titled ep 1 is exactly as it says on the tin, although the tracks within are not stored in a metallic can. Just an expression. Expression is all we have. Certainly in the case of ep 1, an expressive and emotive EP which boasts five crucial, gorgeous tracks. Everything about opener carnegie hall, from the brushes of loud guitar to the moved and well-maintained strings is everything to this ep 1. Word Online may throw up seeing so many underlined words lacking capital letters, but such is the trend for the indie scene, and it is adapted best of all by the likes of two blinks, i love you. Listen in and listen well to this one. 

You may not think it is very fair, as carnegie hall provides ample reductions of, but two blinks, i love you is as good as it gets for these tender impressions of alternative rock hoping to push through those folk charms. It really is a sum of all its well-worked and sincere parts. It is not often emails come through and offer up a sincere and real pleasure of a listen, but the clarity which Liam Brown is gifted comes as a shock to the senses. A calming experience which turns itself into a tearjerker with the striking i love you. Meet someone and hurl this song at them. No reply? No problem. They need to have a Liverpudlian folk singer in their lives at some point and there is no better introduction to assured charms than Brown’s exceptional work on this EP. Birds chirp away, and the lighter touches and flourishes bring about the courage needed to mount a move into third-track loveseat. 

Tambourine shimmers, summery effectiveness and warm charms are all in the arsenal Brown offers. It is the immediacy of ep 1 which strikes best of all. The feeling of needing to share it with someone. two blinks, I love you, the moniker which Brown uses for this release, must be shared. He has captured the desire for music, to be played and played again with those who mean something special. Third track loveseat continues this effective showcase, the acoustic charm never wavering. Take note of it on birthday surprise as it rises and rises through a showering of light electronics and percussion sensibilities. All of it blurring together with wonderful and earnest intent. It is a credit to Brown and his efforts here. Mood-changing experiences are rare to find, let alone five in one go. 

As essential as it gets for EP releases. Should the point of extended plays still focus on giving new listeners a slice of what is to come, ep 1 is a resounding achievement. Not just for the considered effects of the death of love charted throughout but the tenderness, the intimacies which come so naturally to Brown and his style. You can stop listening if you want to. Why would you, though? It does not get much better than ep 1. Take down those tarpaulin winter sales, and listen in through isolation, desolation. It all comes clear and with heavy intent, Brown has gifted listeners a real, intimate chance to connect with themselves and others through a beautiful five-track EP. 

Buy a copy of ep 1 here. 

Ewan Gleadow
Ewan Gleadow
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