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Pulp drummer Nick Banks announces memoirs ‘And It Started There’ for September release

Nick Banks, drummer in legendary group Pulp and Everly Pregnant Brothers, has announced the release of his memoirs.

The book, And it Started There: From Punk to Pulp, will release in September of this year and document the musician’s life from childhood to present.

Publishing director of Omnibus Press, David Barraclough, confirmed the company had acquired world rights to the book.

He said: “Nick’s journey from being a great fan of Pulp in the early days in Sheffield to being their drummer for the last 35 years instantly struck me as a great story.

“Not only that, but Nick tells it with such wonderful wit. And with the band reforming for the first time in a decade, it really couldn’t be more timely.”

Legend of the drumkit Nick said: “Pulp blazed a trail through the 1990s: Controversy? Tick; Soaring tunes? Tick; Searing social commentary? Tick.

“However, it was never easy. This is my view from the drum seat as it all happened. Pulling back the curtain on how a Rotherham schoolboy punk got his chance at the big time.”

His book, slated for a September release date, follows on from other Pulp members releasing their autobiographies, with Jarvis Cocker’s Good Pop, Bad Pop last year and Russell Senior’s Freak Out the Squares in 2015.

Taking to Twitter, the firm beat of Pulp added he would let fans “know more as we know it” in a tweet confirming the book.

He added: “Guess I might as well tell you lot. The memoir is in the can and out Sept this year. Timing or what…”

Pulp is scheduled to play a slate of sold-out dates across the UK later this year, kicking things off in Bridlington.

Nick has consistently teased fans with potential details of what fans can expect from the This is Hardcore tour, but has not yet confirmed anything.

The Pulp alumni recently hinted at a Glastonbury spot when replying to a fan, with a Twitter user prompting: “Glastonbury. Talk to me.”

Nick replied with a play on Sorted Out for E’s and Whizz’s lyrics, saying: “Somewhere, in a field in Somerset.”

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