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Wings of Desire Review

Perched up on some ledge somewhere was Bruno Ganz, who director Wim Wenders truly believed in. It is touching to see that faith in action throughout Wings of Desire, a fine collaboration between two fine artists. Wings of Desire marks itself as a loosely structured piece, filing away the lives encountered in glimmers at the most. Ganz portrays the great observer, an angel known as Damiel, some entity that can feel, but only for others. It seems a far cry away from the world of worries when life and death pass through it all, and it’s both terrifying and mystifying as Ganz makes his way through those lives, desiring it all the more.

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Lightning Over Water Review

Regardless of personal feeling towards his work, there is no denying the brilliant craft of Nicholas Ray. He created influential pieces that have stuck with directors and artists for generations, Rebel Without a Cause is still cited for its flair and visual charm. Finding himself in his final days of life, riddled with death and disease, Ray comes to terms with the life he led, a tinge of regret in his voice as he and Wim Wenders direct us through Lightning Over Water, a blend of documentary and artistic fiction detailing Ray’s wish to create one final film, and the reality of his impossible goal.  

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