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Nightmare Alley Review

Ambition and nightmares fuse rather nicely throughout Nightmare Alley, a modern spin on the defiant, dormant neo-noir genre. Every so often, a creative will come along and be so sure of their abilities in reviving it. Naturally, whether the work they offer is great or godless, they are met with stirring reviews and a box office bomb. Nightmare Alley is on that course regardless and probably knew it. To know that and persevere is bold and inevitable because Nightmare Alley is a certainly grand film and far closer to the top of the Best Picture pile than any of the others to be given such a nod. It is at least filled with worldbuilding and experimentation, which is no surprise since Guillermo Del Toro helms this delightfully twisted feature.

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The Sixth Sense Review

Yes, yes, the boy sees dead people. Get it out of your system. What a relief. The Sixth Sense is enjoyable with or without knowing the big twist, and thanks to a somewhat startling dominance of internet culture, anyone who has clicked on anything on the world wide web is bound to know the twist of this M Night Shyamalan piece. That doesn’t matter. Stories can transcend their twists through good writing and strong performance. The Sixth Sense does exactly that. A formidable debut from Shyamalan gifts audiences with a pop-culture thrill ride that tells the story of Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment) a boy who can, you guessed it, see dead people. 

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