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Thunderball Review

Smarter than expected were the films of Sean Connery in the role of James Bond, a series that would eventually give way to the camp antics of Roger Moore. Still, its steamrolling under the wheels of Hollywood in its modern iterations makes that period of Moore a light delight. What Connery achieved was the production of a solid base for others to leap from. From Lazenby to Brosnan, each iteration that followed the Scottish-born pioneer felt like some pastiche of the role Connery had crafted. A line of dialogue here regurgitated thirty years down the line, a passing reference to the strong works that had come from his early days in the 007 role. Whatever the case, nobody mentions Thunderball all that much.

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Cold Sweat Review

Action heroes have a habit of losing their loved ones to kidnappers and villains whose aims are either domination of some small district, money, or both. Cold Sweat is a pioneer of the action tropes and is in safe hands when pooling its worth with Charles Bronson and Liv Ullmann. Who better to helm it than Terence Young? His best efforts on the James Bond series were notable not just for their catapulting of Sean Connery but their stern action and the ease Young appeared to have in crafting great setpieces. But that all landed on the shoulders of interesting characters, and Young must have broken out into a cold sweat of his own upon seeing this script.

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Dr. No Review

That score. Beautiful. It opens Dr. No and the James Bond franchise so fittingly. Exceptional work as ever from the great Monty Norman. His dedication to smooth basslines and strong guitar riffs open the first of many Ian Fleming adaptations. A not-so-seamless transition into the other half of the credits does kill off some of the power of Dr. No, but for a first outing of the famed spy under the watchful eye of director Terence Young, no more could be asked of their efforts. It is hard to lay the critique on too thick for the men that brought Sean Connery such a defining role, and he such a definitive portrayal of such a famous character.  

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