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Black Grape – It’s Great When You’re Straight Yeah (1995) Review

When I dived into the debut album from Black Grape, I really didn’t know what to expect. I was riding on the high of knowing that Shaun Ryder had sung Dare, and I felt that was convincing enough to listen to an entire album’s worth of his work. Blending Madchester melodies with the rise of Britpop, Black Grape’s first album, It’s Great When You’re Straight Yeah, is nothing short of brilliant.

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Gorillaz – Demon Days (2005) Review

As I broaden my musical horizons by listening solely to artists I vaguely know the name of, I find it odd that I’d put off Gorillaz for so long. Created by the fluffy haired, starry eyed Damon Albarn of Britpop’s Blur fame, it seemed right up my street. A project that transcended music itself and delved into animation and performance art, it couldn’t have come from anyone else but Albarn. Perhaps their most popular and successful album, Demon Days released in the not so distant year of 2005, and it certainly shows.

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