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Uncharted Review

Marky Mark must be desperate to recruit a new wave of the Funky Bunch as he traipses around Uncharted, attempting to appear presentable in a slate of future releases and past films that are questionable at best. Wahlberg has not had the greatest run of form, but nor has starring partner for this Ruben Fleischer-directed feature, Tom Holland. Outside of his meandering and acceptable application of Spider-Man, Holland has churned out dud after dud after dud. Uncharted is another dud, but one that is far beyond that of the horrifically timed Cherry or the entirely redundant Onward. That is progress for both Marky Mark and Holland, who try to champion the video game adaptation genre as best they can.

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Venom Review

Are audiences ready to discuss the slight possibility that Venom is a boring villain? Simple, yes. Problematic for the webbed hero absent from this feature? Absolutely. But the anti-statement is a hard nut to crack, and the Tom Hardy-led Venom is not the feature to pick apart such a trivial discussion. It puts the “super” back into the “superhero” feature, meaning it at least has fun with its source material. But what is fun without sustenance? Where light-hearted romps through the heavy-set, darker tones of this Marvel villain are had, the leniency an audience must feel for narrative scrutiny is unwieldy. Narrative is unnecessary when pure, comic-based entertainment is the end goal.

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