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Speed Racer Review

Bright, camp and colourful, Speed Racer has a strong sense of style to its choreography. Its confidence is varied and entertaining, and it makes this adaptation of the Mach GoGoGo franchise an infectiously good film. Colour bounces around the screen, like The Cat in the Hat but filtered down into likeable, bitesize chunks. A kid with an obsessed passion is overwhelmed by the outside world and what Lilly and Lana Wachowski present is the imagination of a child developed on-screen. That is, at least, a formidable excuse for how awful the CGI can look at times. It is only in the real world that it looks horrendous. To look over that is necessary when engaging with the fast-paced hijinks of the imaginative Speed Racer.  

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Q Review

For New Yorkers, I think a dragon plaguing the sky and picking off pedestrians is the least of their worries. brings a horrifying premise of killer beasts and wraps it around a plot of a conman that inadvertently gambles with the lives of those around him. With information on where the next of Quetzalcoatl lies, he refuses to give it up until a hefty reward has been thrown his way. Whilst trying to coax a bit of cash out of the local police force, Powell (Richard Roundtree) and Shepard (David Carradine) stalk the streets, looking for any sort of clue that will point them in the direction of the horribly large, Claymation dragon that plagues the people of New York City. 

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