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The Fountain Review

An initially empty title clicks into place with infuriating ease once The Fountain rolls its end credits. Of course, the fountain. That fountain. Darren Aronofsky has done it yet again. What has he done, here, though? Desperate scientists looking for miracle cures, the banality of morality poured over once more by a director who believes their vision is the one that will let everyone finally make peace. Not quite the success Aronofsky was gunning for as he piled his cast higher and higher with big names and bigger legacies, but certainly, a feature deeply rooted in its faith not just in a higher power but in its desirable leading performers, Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz.

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Definitely, Maybe Review

Apparently dependable, Ryan Reynolds stormed the rom-com genre with sudden authority. Director Adam Brooks made one style of film within his career. Absent-minded, engaged only in the slicked-back stylings of the leading man. His gormless attitude, nearly getting hit by a car and fumbling around with an MP3 player is meant to be little character flaws that make this stunning individual one of us. He gives to the poor, listens to acceptably bland music and simply enjoys the world around him, despite figuring his way through a divorce. Definitely, Maybe is a story of reflection though. Not of how Reynolds got to where he is, but to reflect on how good it was back then. 

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Black Widow Review

Marvel has finally been served their comeuppance. When blasting audiences and mega fans with a steady trickle of products for over a decade, the whines, groans and moans of those that drape themselves in capes and collectables are bound to deafen the studio heads trying, so terribly hard, to release something. Spin-offs can only satiate the hivemind for so long, but the freedom usually found in a feature-length film has been absent for nearly two years now. A short, understandable time between films of a different series, an inconsequential sin in the minds of many Marvel maniacs. Here it is now, though, Black Widow. Marvel mark their move back into movie magic with a stagnant portrayal of a character they failed to do anything with when they had the chance. 

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