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Wings of Desire Review

Perched up on some ledge somewhere was Bruno Ganz, who director Wim Wenders truly believed in. It is touching to see that faith in action throughout Wings of Desire, a fine collaboration between two fine artists. Wings of Desire marks itself as a loosely structured piece, filing away the lives encountered in glimmers at the most. Ganz portrays the great observer, an angel known as Damiel, some entity that can feel, but only for others. It seems a far cry away from the world of worries when life and death pass through it all, and it’s both terrifying and mystifying as Ganz makes his way through those lives, desiring it all the more.

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Shark Tale Review

It is rare to consider nostalgia as a tool to deploy on films that may have fallen out of favour with generations older than ours. Rarer still it may be to actively fight against it, hence why there is currently a cult of Robots fans defending that Ewan McGregor masterclass to their dying breath. With that, though, the Blue Sky Studios feature is deserving of its acclaim. Sharp writing, an ensemble like no other and sleek animation, it is everything Dreamworks could not provide with Shark Tale, a feature that relies on the popstar variety that plagued early-2000s comedies. From David Bowie appearing in Zoolander to Britney Spears in Austin Powers: Goldmember, the cameo construct was inescapable. To place rap artist and actor Will Smith at the heart of this made sense, but there are hopes buried deep that it did not.

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A Woman Under the Influence Review

What, exactly, is Mabel Longhetti (Gena Rowlands) under the influence of? A Woman Under the Influence depicts someone who is not happy with life, and the variety of reasons displayed imply there is no real answer. It is that portion of living that inflicts pain and disgust without any reason for it. What hell life can be. She is convinced that her happiness relies on pleasing her husband, but her erratic behaviours and frequent desire to be as happy and helpful as possible have her family and friends worried. It is the good intentions of a woman under the influence of love, or something, that is driving her towards insanity. John Cassavetes often blurs the line of passion and madness, but he does it best here.

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