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Bright Review

Masquerading a heavyweight political theme as a fantasy is a fine but cowardly way of approaching a subject of interest. Expect nothing less from director David Ayer. Replacing the critical issue of the real world with neutered, generalised elements of fairies and magical creatures is not the right foot to put forward when attempting discourse on racial segregation and the clear problems it causes. Prophecies and heroes of days gone by make themselves known rather instantly. With such obvious, offensively bland comparisons to that of real events, Bright can do nothing but wear its thinly veiled message on its sleeve, hoping for an audience to latch onto it before their interest wanes. That desire to capture the mind of an average movie streamer is found here, where the iconography and opening setting scream of vague political imagery that, had it been left well alone, would still be a cultural shock, rather than poor ideas of adaptation for this vehement Netflix original. Welcome to Elftown, I suppose. 

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