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Bob Dylan fans divided by Subterranean Homesick Blues Remake

Bob Dylan fans were left disappointed after a promised “remake” of the classic track Subterranean Homesick Blues.

The iconic original shows Dylan holding placards in a London alleyway, timing the drop of the card with the lyrics throughout.

Commenters eagerly awaited the launch of the remake, which premiered on YouTube today on the official Bob Dylan YouTube account.

But fans who were hoping for the Mr. Tambourine Man singer to look back on his own work were sorely disappointed by an updated video that removed the classic placard protest.

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Down by Law Review

Walking the line of innovation as often as he can, director Jim Jarmusch has procured a back catalogue of interesting, well-cast ideas that reflect how or what he is feeling behind the camera. In the case of Down by Law, a fractured trio come together. Their backgrounds are varying, but they come together with the common goal of escape. Their hearts and minds lead them down different paths, but when their goal is so broad and common, it is easy for them to begin working together. From there, though, their bond grows and strengthens, soon turning the trio into more than comrades looking for the blissful breakout from behind bars.  

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