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Invasion of Astro-Monster Review

Creatively bankrupt and looking for one last fix of monsterfied entertainment, director Ishirō Honda brings audiences Invasion of Astro-Monster, a film that feels panicked and a somewhat brutal attempt to capture the science fiction boom of the time. With shaking hands and sweating brow, Honda dares to shoot for the stars, engaging with the premise that an atomic bomb could birth an overgrown lizard and have it do battle on some distant planet nobody has ever heard of. Planet X is inhabited by the villainous Monster Zero, and it’s up to Godzilla and Rodan to fend off this beast, and in exchange for their services they provide the cure for cancer. Manic energy aside, there is at least the sliver of hope that Invasion of Astro-Monster will be focused more on fights than it will on people. 

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