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Fleetwood Mac – Rumours Review

Shameful it is to mark the first encounter with Fleetwood Mac as a soundtrack riff on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, that is how it was for many. It is a perplexing and embarrassing way to mark the first experience with a track from Rumours, but it is how millions must have made the plunge into their music. It would be embarrassing for, say, a freelance journalist and music critic to make that their first experience with Fleetwood Mac, but we do not choose where we hear great songs or how we listen to them. Sometimes it is with 3D glasses hanging off of big noses in the back of a crumbling theatre, waiting for the funny gag about the raccoon and his friendly tree companion. Purchase a copy of Rumours, listen to the record scratches settle in, and soon it’ll wash away that first experience.

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