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Hotel Transylvania 3 Review

When in doubt, take the team on tour or holiday. That is the inevitable sign of a flagging franchise when characters must leave the backdrop that accompanied them for the previous instalments in the hopes of finding fresh faces and feature-length antics abroad. Genndy Tartakovsky is sellotaped to the director’s chair for his third and final time, like a lengthy S.A.W. trap. His release is an elevation to producer for the fourth feature. That is either a blessing or a curse, but for his work on Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, he has outdone himself. The bar is pushed higher and higher, not because the ensemble grows frighteningly large but because boats and cruises offer the series a change of pace.

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Hotel Transylvania Review

Monster houses and the trivial adaptation of once frightening literature classics is the inevitable outcome and prospect of working to hit references and deadlines of a Hollywood machine that is penetrated by consumerism. If it works for Illumination Entertainment and those sickly yellow Minions then it can work for the once-revolutionary staples of the Universal Monsters franchise. They have been tossed around from studio to studio with remarkable frequency. Bram Stoker, had he lived long enough to see the revolutionary state of feature filmmaking, would no doubt be turning in his grave. It would be another century before his original vision of a monster haunting Whitby would be given the Adam Sandler treatment, which is what Hotel Transylvania does, among other horrors.

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The Emperor’s New Groove Review

I’m probably heartless for not loving this movie. Yes, yes, I know, it’s very funny, Kronk pulls the wrong lever and so on. Incredibly droll and a sure-fire knee-slapper, but The Emperor’s New Groove isn’t much more than that. On the surface, it feels like most of the other Disney products. That same animation style, the resigned leading characters who trample their way through a relatively well-paced story in just over an hour, it’s what we’ve all come to expect. But this is one of the few outputs from Disney’s animated branch that I did enjoy. Not to the extent I would’ve expected, but wholesome in its content and crafted well enough to display versatility from a company that have otherwise applied the same plot tropes repeatedly for over six decades.

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