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Love, Death + Robots (Volume 3) – Review

The premier adult animated anthology show, Love, Death + Robots, returns to streaming giants Netflix for Volume Three, bringing with it a further nine episodes of spectacularly crafted, genre-hopping delights. Brimming with even more talent than what comprised the previous two volumes, the third outing under the Love, Death + Robots tag is comfortably the best to date.

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Fight Club Review

Hard, isn’t it? To avoid making a joke about “the first rule of fight club.” Yes, very good. Everyone is thinking it. Jot it down on a bit of paper. Scrunch it up. Bin it. Everyone else that came before you have done it, and everyone else after will do it too. It’s not original, it’s not interesting, and neither is Fight Club, not really, anyway. Fight Club? Fine club. Fine indeed. It’s fine. But what makes Fight Club a struggle to view is not its commentary and fundamentally skewered take on Chuck Palahniuk’s view, but the response to it. The misunderstanding of it. An audience problem, that one, albeit a benefit to Fight Club anyway.

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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Review

There is little else greater to be curious about than life itself. Benjamin Button is a study of life. Director David Fincher uses Button, played by Brad Pitt, to speak of age and how nothing should stop us from achieving what we must. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is, on a surface level, indeed a curious one, but beyond that, there is much to be desired. Brad Pitt is indeed curious, but that is due to his erratic series of casting decisions. He chooses projects that elevate the picture, not himself. Despite all the talent and name-value involved in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, there does not seem to be that spark of big-budget magic. Perhaps that is why it is so tiring. Almost as tired and weak as its ancient, decrepit leading man.

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Zodiac Review

More or less everyone who has even the slightest interest in crime knows of the Zodiac Killer and the intrigue of his crimes that plagued America throughout the late 1960s and 1970s. Such a famous case, one littered with the unsolved mystery that will, most likely, go unanswered for the rest of time. Such intrigue leads to inevitable adaptations, and this Gyllenhaal led thriller provides more or less everything you’d expect for a biopic on such a broad topic.

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