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Intermission Review

Knock-on effects of rather primal and thoughtless decisions are the bread and butter of happenstance writing. It gives the author scope to work with the unbelievable. How can a series of severe and strikingly different events piece together naturally? Well, if they are in as close a proximity as the circumstances those characters in Intermission find themselves in, they were bound to overlap at some point. Speaking of such proximity, we are intimately involved with just about every character that shows up in this Irish ensemble from director John Crowley. Not just in the sense that we turn over their affairs and deeply held secrets, but, quite literally, are often in their face. 

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The Damned United Review

Cinema lacks ample football drama. We are presented with the hooliganism of Green Street or the obsessive addiction of Fever Pitch. Sometimes, we suspend our disbelief as audiences and struggle through the hyperviolence only Danny Dyer could present in The Football Factory. Where are the films taking a bite out of the controversies of the real world? The Damned United is a good example. Michael Sheen portrays Brian Clough, a legendary player of great tenure and legacy, depicting his doomed 44-day run as head coach at Leeds United.  Continue reading The Damned United Review