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2 Days in New York Review

Transatlantic tensions worked for the sophomore effort of Julie Delpy, whose work on 2 Days in Paris saw a couple wrought with a longing to settle down in different spaces. Seemingly unable to come up with an agreement, 2 Days in New York follows Marion (Delpy) as she returns to the streets that once felt so cold and bleak. Living there would mean failure. Her previous partner is gone, leaving only a child behind as a remnant of their relationship. Instead of the relationship between America and France, the international relationship is put on ice to deal with how different countries and cultures grieve and love in the confines of a small apartment, one of many dotted around the city that never sleeps. 

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Bee Movie Review

Albert Camus once said: “Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.” My mind, ravaged by alcohol and deprived of rest, associated this quote with the rise, fall, and second coming of Barry B. Benson (Jerry Seinfeld). Bee Movie follows Benson’s struggle as he simply tries to fit in. He is teased by the outer world of the hive and what it has to offer. You could say he is not “beeing” the ideal bee. Bee Movie is now a great meme machine and a culturally notorious piece for a generation, not through quality, but because of character and heart. It is difficult to evaluate the true merits of innovation and craftsmanship here. Everyone is quick to mock a 150 million dollar movie until they realise that’s the budget for Bee Movie, a movie about bees reclaiming their rights and their honey.

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