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Hannah and Her Sisters Review

Michael Caine plays tough men. He has done so since the early days of his career, and rarely does he break cover to offer anything other than that. Even in his twilight years, Going in Style and the Batman trilogy, offered up a performance that does not suggest age has gripped him or slowed him down. It is a testament to his craft, and the ageism of the entertainment industry has yet to grip him. Still, it is with the timid and cautious appearances that he performs, perhaps, at his best. Hannah and Her Sisters, for instance, places the often cool, collected Cockney in a place he does not often venture. He is reliable and charming still, but he is vulnerable and frightened and riddled with doubt. Such is the way of a Woody Allen picture.

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The Blues Brothers Review

Based on their recurring SNL characters, Dan Aykroyd and the late John Belushi bring The Blues Brothers to the big screen. One of the timeless cult classics that, after decades of beloved spoofs, Halloween costumes, and anniversaries, has assimilated itself into the minds of millions. There’ll be people across the globe who know the iconic black suits more than the film itself. Quite rightly, too, since these black suits are now synonymous with just about every nostalgic, 80s-driven mind. Blame The Blues Brothers for such a startlingly sudden trend.  

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Maps to the Stars (2014) Review

The various waves and styles there are to the work of director David Cronenberg make it very easy to digest his work. From his early days as a shlock creator, to the maturity he found in the body horror of his prime work, and the eventual spiral into more contemporary oriented, paranoid dramas. With such a level of consistency, it’s no surprise that every fan of his has their preferred era for his work. Me personally, I love his body horror films, and as someone that isn’t particularly fond of horror, I’d say that’s the best praise I could ever get a director. Maps to the Stars is the most recent film from Cronenberg, and by the looks of it, probably his last film. A shame to go out on a rather dud note, but there’s still merits to be found throughout.

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