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Compliance Review

Craig Zobel has to thank the inspiration he takes from true events, for Compliance implies, rather strongly, that retail workers care all that much about their jobs. Menial work is hard work. Make no mistake about it. It is also boring work. Perhaps that is why ordinary people are turned toward a life of crime. Excitement is hard to come by in the world of eight-hour shifts. Fast food work is a terrible, terrible job. Credit to those who can do it. I could not. Eight full days and three weeks of training were all this writer could handle. Back to the drawing board for me. Or, rather, back to the desk. That is not a choice for some. It is certainly not for Sandra (Ann Dowd). 

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Gold Review

Tragic it may be that the titular Spandau Ballet song is absent from this Matthew McConaughey feature, Gold has bigger problems on its mind than musical omissions. Its story of a modern-day prospector should offer up daring adventure and dramatic, cutthroat business dealings. Instead, it can only hope to copy those that came before it. We cannot expect everyone to be original, but when you fall toward captivating and controlling the themes of American Hustle, you find yourself in dangerous waters indeed. That is where Gold finds itself, and it can do nothing to haul itself out of that dangerous zone. 

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Love & Mercy Review

As he fires through a third rendition of Good Vibrations’ melody, there is a mixture of anguish, relief and fear on the face of Brian Wilson. It is this versatility that makes Paul Dano and, to a greater extent, Love & Mercy, work. While Pet Sounds does not do all that much for me, I have such a deeply held respect for Wilson. He put his sanity, family and marketability on the line to create something he believed in. What director Bill Pohlad wishes to do here is showcase the shockwaves this caused, both the immediate tensions and the decades-long mental deterioration of a man who, at his peak, was considered a genius of music. 

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