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Being the Ricardos Review

While the latest Aaron Sorkin piece, Being the Ricardos may wish to remember the tumultuous life of Lucille Ball (impersonated by Nicole Kidman here), it is worth remembering the finest turn for the Ball-based productions. Had Rat Race been a heavy-hitting comedy remembered beyond the year 2004 then Being the Ricardos would pale in comparison to its representation of Lucille Ball. A tour bus full of fervent mega fans is still a league above the work Nicole Kidman offers here. That isn’t her fault though. It is something to do with the man behind the camera and his stifled desires as a screenwriter which make Being the Ricardos (and, in hindsight, his works preceding it) so entrenched in mediocrity. 

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Green Room Review

Believe it or not, but I’ve always wanted to be in a band. I can’t sing and I can’t play any instruments either, also, I don’t have the confidence needed to go onto a stage and perform. However, aside from these rather tedious obstructions, I’ve always found myself wanting to give it a go. After seeing Green Room, I can’t say I’m all that keen to play a gig for skinheads, but the chances of that happening are hopefully slim. Green Room is a horror from the minds over at A24, the thinking man’s independent film distributor, if said thinking man has only seen three hundred films and spends all their time discussing films on Twitter. From that vein of cinema comes a story of a punk rock group who must fight for their lives when accidentally witnessing a murder in a Neo-Nazi bar.

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