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Caroline Polachek – Dang Review

Caroline Polacheck drops her latest single – Dang – only eight months after releasing her recent album – Desire, I Want to Turn Into You.

After teasing the song on TikTok for the past month with experimental, avant-garde, and borderline out-there videos – including Polacheck on both the toilet and the underground (so much versatility) – the hype around the track has built and rightly so.

An instant burst of instrumental clanking noise presents itself at the start of the track – followed by a mundane-sounding Polacheck repeating the word: “Dang,” throughout the track. Reminiscent of the instruments used in her hit track – Bunny Is A Rider – the art-pop experimental artist remains faithful to the sonic path she knows best in this track.

The synth-pop, theatrical, electro-pop genre of music has graced us with artists such as Charli XCX and the late, great, SOPHIE – Polacheck pays her homage to these stars with the beat pattern that recalls throughout Dang. Short yet sweet – the track encapsulates everything about the genre.

“It’s just a face yeah / With the cheeks turning red,” instils vivid imagery throughout the track – alongside the reference to spilling milk and the name drop of Mary Poppins herself. Caroline does not hold back experimentally in the song – it is a chaotic, clanking, bold tune. Yet, with these vivid lyrics, you may question what Dang aims to say. With rumours that the song samples Caroline herself screaming at geese in Hyde Park – what is the meaning behind Dang? Chaos? Overall – it is classic Polacheck.


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