Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy Review

Passionate about the country and the cooking, Stanley Tucci (Italian on both sides, he boasts) is off to Italy to figure out where the food and rich history of Italy comes from. A travelogue-turned-cookery show with bits of history thrown in along the way. Such a rich mix has the worry of overwhelming the senses. But when Tucci storms through the streets of Italy he understands not just the food and the delight that surrounds it but the architecture of the streets and the bustling way of living. He dives deep into the heart of Italy’s 3000 years of history with a contemporary view of Italian food that always links back to the reasons for their revolutionary period.

Cholera would be the main player in forming Italian food. When it was easier to fry and burn the disease off of it. The first episode explores this nicely. Tucci is a steady host, one that can combine a love of history with a desire to learn more about the food. His background makes him the ideal entertainer for the streets of Italy. His passion for discovering the real truth of Italian cuisine is infectious, with fluffy and romantic depictions of the city held up by his narration. There is no wedge between the audience and Tucci’s experience. He is insistent that viewers come along on this journey with him, even if they cannot taste or smell the beauty of the food. Tucci does a grand job demonstrating the delightful tastes and experiences.

Usually, the addition of a famed face would be to boost the notoriety of the documentary project, but Tucci’s background and cooking books help steady the fact that he is not just an A-List draw but someone actively interested in learning of and taking part in the food culture of this country. But Tucci is not just a big-name draw but a cultured critic of Italian cuisine, and a desperately enjoyable host. He has the same light and well-meaning qualities as Richard E. Grant does with the travelogue Write Around the World. “I’ve cracked, enough of the history,” Tucci says as he dives into the next delightful dish. It is enviable and creative. It helps that his reactions are genuine and filled with a love for the area and the food.

For those obsessed by Italy and in love with its culture of pizzerias and fine-dining pasta dishes, Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy will conjure up mouth-watering jealousy. Italy is a beautiful place full of fine food and finer people. That much is shown in Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy, an enviously good dive into the heart of Italian cuisine and the history behind it. Diving deep into the secret bars of Milan, the classic traditions of Bologna and the amazing creativity of simple dishes cooked by ordinary people. It is not all fancy bars and fine-dining restaurants for Tucci’s documentary. The homely nature of heartful Italian food is captured with stunning effectiveness with a delightfully light touch.

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