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Kate Review

The old and reliable titans of Netflix churn out action films like there’s no tomorrow. A bountiful amount for action fans to tucker into, it is just a shame so few are worth the while. Netflix’s repetitive industrialisation of fun and entertainment is the reason audiences receive projects like Kate, an action feature with a bit of drama at its heart when the leading, eponymous assassin (played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is poisoned. A nice twist and a strong leading cast member, but haven’t audiences experienced this and all the tones around it time and time again? Maybe so, but the beauty of the action genre is its repetition and how a good idea can be reproduced and reworked time and time again with surprisingly different outcomes. 

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Out of the Furnace Review

Violent crime is, inevitably, the only way out of the furnace. For two brothers stuck in the Rust Belt, that is their only salvation. Out of the Furnace, from the promising Crazy Heart director, Scott Cooper, sees men who wish for more. Don’t we all? They are not special. What sets them apart is striking good looks. But that is an inevitability of casting Christian Bale, rather than a character defect or advantage. Not all of us have the benefit of being a strapping young steelworker with a penchant for theft and violence. He will utilise those tools later on, because of course, he will. He was tailor-made for the deluge of danger he soon finds himself in. 

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The People vs. Larry Flynt Review

Social maverick and self-indulgent individuals are ten a penny. Egoism and the many philosophies that hound their isolated, centred thought process are relayed with simplicity and effectiveness by their personal enlightenment. Move on, help yourself, and live life to the fullest, consequences be damned. Such a thought process was adapted by the late Larry Flynt, his rise to controversial success as publisher of Hustler magazine and subsequent assassination attempt is not a life as well-documented as it would seem. Saying that, though, the great Miloš Forman took a pop at Flynt’s life and high points of controversy in The People vs. Larry Flynt 

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