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The Bad and the Beautiful Review

Ambition is the ruthless, inevitable downfall of an anti-hero or dirtbag protagonist to follow it for their personal gain. The Bad and the Beautiful provides both to Jonathan Shields (Kirk Douglas), whose ambition stomps on those that help him to his powerful position. Yet it is the moment he hits his high that stops him in his tracks and takes him down a peg or two. Told through the eyes of his collaborators, the Vincente Minnelli directed drama is a fascinating object of interest. Its detailed analysis and takedown of the arrogant Hollywood producer has a sudden modern intensity in the wake of what we as an audience now know about the horrible men behind the scenes. The Bad and the Beautiful has the benefit of happenstance on its side. 

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An American in Paris Review

What a glorious pocket of musical history Gene Kelly provided. If he wasn’t singing in the rain then he was fluttering away in the background of a Jacques Demy film. His first trip to Paris, though, comes in the form of An American in Paris. Its title is rather literal. Kelly professes his love for the City of Light through his work often, but this provides his debut on these streets, as a painter looking to mark his reputation. He is the lonely expatriate looking for sparks of love and profit in one of the most fascinating cities on the globe. Inevitably, he gets the girl, pursues his career and makes a real home for himself with all the twangs and twinges of Great Americana.

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