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Suspiria Review

With sleek colours and drizzling rain, the Giallo horror classic springs to life. Suspiriafor decades now, has set the bar for those that wish to follow in its footsteps. Not quite taken away on the wave of its success, but somewhere between screaming for help and drowning in its fascination with gore and lighting, the Giallo style has its clear strengths and weaknesses. Suspiria, then, from the mind of Dario Argento, is an amalgamation of all the highs and lows. It is the popular flagbearer of the genre for a reason, and that reason, among many, is that it has the hallmarks down to a tee. For better or worse, this allows Suspiria to define the genre, with its pangs of horror and absent-minded storyline that peters out, doomed to play second fiddle to the force of nature Argento presents behind the camera.

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