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Over the Hedge Review

Follow these rats and swine unto the great unknown, the song of Over the Hedge plays over and over. It is not the exact lyric, but it is close enough. Possums and skunks and squirrels may not be perceived as the best of friends, but this ill-remembered nostalgia box of light comedy would have you think so. They are desperate to survive the harsh realities of winter and to do so must rely on RJ (Bruce Willis) to guide them through neighbourhoods of fine food. Knock-off Doritos because Dreamworks couldn’t secure the license are the golden ticket for a raccoon who has usurped a bear, Vincent (Nick Nolte), and his hibernation plan.

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The Mandalorian – Chapter Two – The Child

Appealing to the manbabies with a literal baby of a beloved character, The Mandalorian presents its audience a cute plot device to latch onto. That seems to be the main style to this storyline, especially here in the second episode. The Mandalorian – Chapter Two – The Child offers us the opportunity to get to grips with this new pairing that will inevitably stagger through the next few episodes, providing unfulfilled prose and lacklustre energy to all.  

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