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Pride & Prejudice Review

What must actors do to provide the goods for a period piece? Pride & Prejudice has three essential mechanics that make it work so well. An adaptably strong piece of literature, a keen eye for costume and drama, and Keira Knightley. The claxon of the period piece rings out once more, and, honour-bound by some ancient writing or law, Knightley is once more part of the Georgian era. Like jury service, but permanently. Mandated by law to appear in Joe Wright’s adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel. Still, she has served the genre exceptionally well, and her strenuous efforts to bring this immense credibility to Pride & Prejudice has worked incredibly well.

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The Woman in the Window Review

Wanting to coast along on its Alfred Hitchcock influence, The Woman in the Window does little to separate itself from Rear Window. That is fertile ground to harvest from, and if done right then there is certainly room for characters within this Joe Wright-directed piece to flourish and grow. Here is the shut-in neighbour, nosey not out of interest for others but out of boredom. She uncovers a potential murder and must work from home (like all of us have done for the past year) to solve a potential case of crime. You may know these narrative beats inside out, but it is what The Woman in the Window does with them that brings out the most interest of all. Not much is the answer, but bless them for trying.  

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