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Hotel Transylvania 3 Review

When in doubt, take the team on tour or holiday. That is the inevitable sign of a flagging franchise when characters must leave the backdrop that accompanied them for the previous instalments in the hopes of finding fresh faces and feature-length antics abroad. Genndy Tartakovsky is sellotaped to the director’s chair for his third and final time, like a lengthy S.A.W. trap. His release is an elevation to producer for the fourth feature. That is either a blessing or a curse, but for his work on Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, he has outdone himself. The bar is pushed higher and higher, not because the ensemble grows frighteningly large but because boats and cruises offer the series a change of pace.

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Luca Review

How many settings and transitions can one story survive? We have no shortage of coming-of-age craftsmanship, nor do we have a drought of aquatic-based heroes struggling to adapt themselves to the land all around them. Pixar and Disney especially have managed to coax that fire with a relative competency for decades now. Luca, their latest feature film, does not shed that uncomfortably undemanding style but leans into accepting it for what it is. A boy dreams of the blue skies up above, limited to his dwelling in the ocean. We all dream of leaving the nest (in this instance, ocean rock house) at some point. To question and be curious is only natural, and that is understood well within Luca 

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