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Claire’s Camera Review

Where Two Weeks in the Noonday Sun, a book by film critic Roger Ebert on Cannes Film Festival, left a dour impression of what should be the dream for any film fan, Claire’s Camera takes a different route of misery. Hong Sang-soo, director and writer of this Isabelle Huppert and Kim Min-hee led piece, is all about deceit and dishonesty. Fired from her job, Manhee (Min-hee) looks for meaning once more. There are worse places to look for reason than Cannes, its sunny beaches, beautiful scenery and film festival additions, for some, are to die for. Glum, drained characters are hard to sympathise with when they are soaking up the sun, cinema and fine food. It is why Ebert’s book smacked of self-pity, but somehow Sang-soo avoids these pitfalls. 

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