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Smokin’ Bean Mocha from SPAR

In the 9th century, when Kaldi noticed his goats munching on leaves that made them far more energetic than usual, he decided to munch on the leaves himself. Thus, coffee was invented. That is, at least, one of the stories told of its origin. 12 centuries later, and coffee is a commodity bought and sold in libraries, supermarkets, and, naturally, petrol stations. Where dreamers (or drivers) go to fill up on fuel for the road and questionable quality baked goods for their journey to or from home. It’s what Kaldi would have wanted. At least one of these places will serve a delightful coffee. The rest are surely trying, but they dare not touch the quality beans and ambient nature necessary to truly enjoy a coffee. That much cannot be expected for Smokin’ Bean’s machine at the SPAR service station.

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