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Man on the Moon (1999) Review

Years ago, the release of Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond on Netflix inspired a whole new era of interest in both the work of late comedian Andy Kaufman and the biopic of his life, Man on the Moon. Carrey’s blending of reality and fiction with his method acting approach, coupled with the already engaging life of Kaufman, was a recipe for success. The final year of the 20th century saw such success in the form of Miloš Forman’s Man on the Moon, a biopic that documents the rise, fall and return of performance artist Andy Kaufman.

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Michael McIntyre’s Bloated Christmas Extravaganza

“I am now in possession of Sharon Osbourne’s mobile phone.”, Michael McIntyre proclaims to a crowd of bedazzled idiots who whoop and holler. Whether or not they’re cheering at the concept of wireless telephone communications or the premise of finding a picture of Ozzy Osbourne’s cock somewhere in the dark depths of that phone is up to the individual to decide. I presume it’s neither, as I don’t think any audience would want to see Ozzy in that light again, nor would they be able to comprehend the wonders of the iPhone.

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