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Bonelang and Mick Jenkins – 100 Million Hummingbirds Review

A hell of a lot of winged creatures that is. Around twenty is probably the limit to how many can be fended off by just one person. 100 Million Hummingbirds may feature a definite and fatal number of birds, but Bonelang is not up to the task of questioning how many they could beat off with weapons. An even twenty, too, it could be presumed. Their latest single comes off the back of sweating away with them in a London-based pub. Hobo Johnson drags along the two-piece of electronic and intimate rap-like style to the basement of a boozer and there, as the sound mixer chows down on pizza and the walls begin to drip with moisture, is the finding of the year.  

Bonelang is a cool presentation of valuable and noisy pieces – 100 Million Hummingbirds carries this on with great ease. A track like this eases the line between Hobo Johnson and Bonelang. It is clear to see why the former enlists the help of the latter. Similar styles can be heard in the lyrical and emotional outpouring from Samy.Language but his constant stream of vocal pieces are a tad different. He carries on and on, throwing in smart links to prophets and keeping a narrative swing in order as he switches up topics and carries the song through pockets of interesting wisdom. There is momentum to this and much of it is balanced on the sweet piano notes striking underneath. Clear enough to hear their impact but never the spotlight moment – a wise move.  

Though repeating the title of the track does little for those moments of instrumental beauty, it does well to clear a way through to a switch in vocals. Matt Bones takes over and picks up the pace, his style lending itself much more to traditional hip-hop standards. Finely tuned instrumentals surrounding his voice stop this slide into the broader reaches of the genre and keep Bonelang – or at least this track from the duo – from heading anywhere but their unique and consistent sound. It is well-maintained and makes for a strong single from the duo. Mick Jenkins’ inclusion here is a strong touch too. Bonelang is best in collaboration and working with one another here brings out a thoroughly good piece from the duo. But those tender piano notes are somewhat forgotten by the end of the song. 

100 Million Hummingbirds can consider itself a tender and slower part of a future project. It could slot nicely into a third album piece from Bonelang, which would take a slower course and produce deeper elements of their already growing sound. The duo knows what they are doing and implements it with thoroughness and particular sensibility. Their dependence on this clear route is heard through every second of 100 Million Hummingbirds. Stuck in their throat and bursting out with this track is a decent enough conclusion to the process which spawned this track. Worth a few listens – one of those tracks which may surprise on occasion due to the span of topics found in the lyrics and the smart mixing on the show.  

Ewan Gleadow
Ewan Gleadow
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