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The Fullers – The Lighthouse Review

Aimless scrolling through Instagram pays dividends when you stumble on bands like The Fullers. New track The Lighthouse is a bold bit of exposure for the four-piece who deserve recognition for their fine work here. Plenty of bits and pieces under their belt so far, though The Lighthouse holds some new and firm ideas within, elevating the band to that ever-necessary next level. Fanciful and punchy bits give The Fullers steady rhythm – one which is transported well from the sound system at home to headphones on, sitting in an empty, cold bar. It was not intentional to implement the cold conditions of a lighthouse to listen to The Lighthouse, and it did not help either. Still, The Fullers’ new piece is full of warmth despite its tension and fear of drowning.  

We are all guilty of drowning in memory, and The Lighthouse hopes to use its guiding light to drag listeners away from containing themselves in the past. Integral singles such as this fit into an artist’s body of work but progress it too – The Lighthouse is a perfect blend of those ideals. Nothing on the waves and the creaking, winding life inside a lighthouse presents a prog-rock aesthetic for vocalist Peter Neilan. His lyrical commitments here are of the placeable, but not comparable aesthetic. Friends left behind is the sudden switch The Fullers hope to bring to this one – living in a lighthouse style does not leave much room for warm company. It makes sense to be lost in memories in isolation. 

It is where The Fullers find themselves – flailing around in this isolation and crashing through their folk-rock intentions. They work nicely, the well-timed lyrics, and the instrumental pieces which are not necessarily an expectation of the genre but leave a remarkable impression still. These smooth tones and an impressive vocal range from Neilan are the glue holding this track together. Melodic arcs are their key and in realising this, there is much fun to be had with The Lighthouse and previous releases from The Fullers. Comfortable yet unpredictable, the pace and rhythm of the track are dependent not on the lyrics but on itself – it truly feels as though The Lighthouse could go anywhere – even on further listens.  

The Fullers place themselves as headstrong individuals championing unique lives. The character within The Lighthouse may die, suffocating in memories of the past, but it is even more reason to live a present worth ignoring previous interactions for. The Lighthouse is a headstrong single with more than enough weight behind it. Punchy folk-rock with its roots firmly in the influences that can be noted but not picked up in the finely tuned work The Fullers present. Short, delicate and sweet with a country twinge running through its story-driven composition. A real treat of a release for the cold days now upon us – two new members of the band certainly help form a new rhythm and percussion. Smooth bass riffs and some gentler pockets of drumming really bring out the stronger flourishes in this – an experimental and often dangerous track which brings it all home with some exceptional lyrics.  

Ewan Gleadow
Ewan Gleadow
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