Pulp reunion confirmed by frontman Jarvis Cocker with 2023 tour planned

Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker has confirmed the band is back together just days after a cryptic Instagram post hinted at the legendary Britpop troupe’s return.

Cocker confirmed the news of an upcoming Pulp reunion, with tours slated for next year.

Specific dates are yet to be announced, but drummer Nick Banks took to Twitter and attempted to calm the tides of frantic fans.

Taking to Twitter after the news was announced, Banks wrote: “Hey folks, unsurprisingly it’s has [sic] all gone a bit mental on here. Gig details will be revealed as and when.

“Stay calm, hug your Pulp records and dream of going mental sometime in 2023.”

Reasonable speculation over the setlist has already started, with the This is Hardcore anniversary lining up with the second reunion.

Whether that means an outing of deep cuts from the album such as Glory DaysThe Fear and TV Movie is unknowable, but would make sense given the expected anniversary turn of the reunion tour.

Cocker’s initial Instagram post hinted at the penultimate line of This is Hardcore’s title track, asking what exactly do they do for the encore.

A reunion tour, by the looks of it.

Hopeful, inevitable inclusions of Do You Remember the First TimeCommon People and This is Hardcore linger on the minds of those clawing at decade-old footage of Pulp’s previous reunion.

Pulp’s previous return to the stage saw the band list off of their impressive back catalogue, with old hits O.U. and Razzmatazz linking up with rarities Like a Friend and Sheffield: Sex City.

Plenty of speculation is bound to follow considering the quality of the previous tour, and fans are already starting to question which tracks will make the cut, whether Richard Hawley will be joining them, and whether or not the band will finally perform We Can Dance Again in a publicly recorded gig.

The fact is, it’s too early to tell, but Pulp fans can rejoice as the This is Hardcore anniversary date creeps ever closer.

A Pulp reunion tour may be a welcome surprise to some, especially those keeping up with the frequent solo ventures of Cocker under the Jarv Is banner.

Jarv Is, who released Beyond the Pale during 2020’s lockdown, recently played a set at Glastonbury’s Park Stage.

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