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The Pale White – Take Me to the Strange Review

Heading through indie music is a real minefield. A great deal of talent on display, most pandering to niche audiences who will give them the cult following they truly deserve. There are few small bands I could name that I thoroughly enjoy listening to, but we can add The Pale White to that list after listening to their second EP, Take Me to the Strange. A formidable experience, one that sets them apart from the many bands swirling the pool of independent music, Take Me to the Strange is a promising EP that hopes to showcase the talent the band have.

Whilst Wisdom Tooth makes for a great opener, the EP comes to life promptly in Trapped Nerve and Panic Attack. Faster in pace, more upbeat in their tone than the first song on the EP, which feels like more of a way for listeners to test the water than anything else. Panic Attack is by far the best song on the album, showing the bands maturity in ways the other songs can’t quite grasp at. The pacing of the third track is perfect, an energetic start filled with harsh guitar riffs and pained lyrics, eventually giving way to a slower, mellow end that shows us some clear progression. A song that pumps the EP full of energy, a panic-fuelled grasp at near-perfection in both a lyrical and musical sense.

Confident vocals blend well with well-utilised instruments on this five-song EP. It’s consistent on the whole, which is more than you can ask for when it comes to most EPs. After the peak that is Panic Attack, The Pale White allow themselves to relax a bit, some tightly written songs follow but without the same level of anger and energy present. Competent songs, tunes that you’ll no doubt return to once more, but not the most immediately memorable.

It’s clear that The Pale White have found their footing relatively quickly, their sound isn’t all that similar to anything available currently. Carving out a very comfortable niche of well-written songs paired with memorable support from capable guitars, well-crafted and consistent beats. A great deal of talent is pooled together here, and it makes for some effective indie rock the whole way through. A strong EP that will serve as a strong introduction to newcomers who haven’t heard from the band before. Exceptionally well crafted throughout, The Pale White seem to have realised what many bands still struggle with, that consistency is key.

Ewan Gleadow
Ewan Gleadow
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