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Tradmrkd Interview – “Work your ass off, never give up, and never settle”

Sitting down to talk to Tradmrkd’s lead singer, Eddie Flinn, was a real pleasure. You can read our exclusive interview below as he talks Butch Vig, getting a foot in the music industry door, and the problems with mainstream radio.

Any new projects going ahead for 2020?

We are in the process of setting some shows up with other local bands. However, COVID has put a stop to that, so the future is looking a bit foggy right now. We also plan on releasing an EP by the end of the year. Even in these horrible times we plan on making 2020 the best year for us. Spark some positivity back into everyone.

Who would you say are your biggest musical influences?

One of my biggest influences is Green Day. They were my gateway band into punk and rock. I hold them close to my heart. I learned how to write songs by listening to them 24/7. I learned to sing by listening to Billie Joe Armstrong. Without them, I wouldn’t even be playing guitar, let alone be in a band. It’s clear to see that Green Day is my biggest influence. You will definitely hear it in our music.

Favourite albums?

I have tons. I know I seem to be harping on about them, but, Dookie by Green Day is one album that is close to my heart. Out with Green Day, obviously Nevermind by Nirvana is amazing, but I would have to go for Rumours by Fleetwood Mac. A timeless classic and an album that defines what an album should be. It’s impossible not to listen to it from front to back; skipping a song on this album should be illegal.

Have there been any major changes to the music scene in the time your band has been performing?

As a band, we have only been playing live shows for a year now, so no major time period to see any huge changes. One thing I do not like about the music scene now is that mainstream radio plays the same song every twenty minutes. Even when they play a different song it just feels the exact same. There needs to be more variety, to give people a new view of music.

Advice for new musicians looking to survive?

Work your ass off. If you get shot down, keep hassling until they tell you to leave them alone. Never give up and never settle. Once you get a show, go find the next one immediately. Have the confidence to take the rejections and turn them into motivation. You are always going to receive rejections but that one will be worth it in the end.

Anybody you would like to collaborate with in the future?

Being able to collaborate with Butch Vig, would be a dream come true. The man is one of the greatest producers alive. He could turn any album into a masterpiece. That would be my dream collaboration, Butch Vig.

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Ewan Gleadow
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